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Director of Business Development
Sandra Yvonne Verdugo, MA., MFT, BA

Sandra Y. Verdugo, is the Director of Business development and founder of the STS Cannabis Consulting firm. She is passionate about educating individuals, investors and entrepreneurs about the benefits of medical cannabis. As a behavioral health expert with over 20 years in the medical industry, she has committed her life to helping individuals to integrate medical cannabis into their everyday lifestyles. Sandra’s long-term and hands-on experience in a pioneering time in the medical marijuana industry has been an invaluable asset to her clients.

“Community healing begins with individual healing.” – Sandra Y. Verdugo

With a graduate degree in clinical psychology and a postgraduate degree in behavioral analysis an emphasis in autism, Sandra Y. Verdugo, MA, MFT, BA, began her career in the medical cannabis industry as a patient consultant at a premiere Dispensary in Phoenix, Arizona. During her 3-year tenure with the dispensary she also directed research on the medical applications of cannabis with a local university.

“We can change the stigma of cannabis. We can affect real change on the world.”

– Sandra Y. Verdugo

Through a diverse professional background focused on treatment implementation strategies coupled with a scientific comprehension of traditional, pre-pharmaceutical medication, her goal is to educate and effect change on the world with medical cannabis


Director of Business Development
Stephen Morrone-Hess

Stephen Morrone-Hess is the Director of Cultivation and Co-Founder of the STS Cannabis Consulting Firm. In this role, Stephen manages a team of cultivators who are responsible for providing all aspects of the cultivation cycle while producing top quality grade medical cannabis for patients. He and his team have vast experience of growing in large commercial indoor hydroponic and large organic outdoor gardens. Over the years in the industry he has developed custom cannabis nutrient regimen for individual cannabis types to maximize their medical effects. In addition to creating integrated pest management systems and implementing sensor/control systems for environmental data tracking and irrigation.

Stephen has held many different positions in the Cannabis Business Industry for over 10 years in various roles throughout the seed to sale supply chain in several different states. His invariable and far reaching talents as a cultivator, retail expert and patient caretaker, have allowed him to have the knowledge, compassion, empathy and experience to understand the diverse needs of the Medical Cannabis Industry.


Director of Project Operations
Jeff Jordan

Jeff Jordan, Director of Operations at the STS Cannabis Consulting Firm is a believer in combining Art and Science, with over 25 years in the professional lighting industry as owner and operator of Phoenix Light Lab. His lighting displays have been viewed by millions of people all over the world. He has worked with corporations, resorts, utilities, hospitals, and private individuals to help them actualize their creative visions.

Jeff joined the STS Cannabis Consulting Firm to assist in the engineering of the new LED lighting systems, watering systems, control systems, and power systems used in the firm’s proprietary cultivation process. Jeff has been an advocate of LED lighting technology for over 15 years and recognized early on what potential LED lights held for power and heat savings.

Passionate about cannabis and its endless medical possibilities, he applies his artistic gifts in the lighting industry to creating bio-dynamic atmospheres that are pleasing to plants, cultivators and investors alike.


Director of Dispensary Operations
Tyler Young

Tyler “TY” Young, Director of Seed to Sale Operations and Co-Founder of the STS Cannabis Consulting Firm.    Ty is believer in this industry after seeing how cannabis has benefited patients who have used the product to help with their ailments.

Ty is no stranger when it comes to the medical cannabis industry, having over 8 years experience within the industry. His experience ranges from assisting in the cultivation process, to creating a wide arrays of medical grade extractions. To assisting hundreds of patients as a patient consultant at the Phoenix’s Premiere Dispensary floor to becoming a manager of the same dispensary.

Ty’s expertise provides clients with the ongoing operational support needed for continued success. Based on his thorough understanding of regulated markets. He assists in client’s cultivation, retail and/or infused-product businesses meet and maintain regulatory compliance. He works with clients to establish standard operating procedures in accordance with their state’s regulations and implement effective staff hiring with training practices to ensure that employees adhere to relevant guidelines.

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