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State license applications and compliance programs based on state requirements  

Establishing compliant cannabis business practices and maintain good standing throughout operations based on state and regulatory agencies.


Optimizing your Facilities

Implement the right operational methodology and quality management systems to continually drive your business forward.


Establishing Patient & Brand Awareness

Cannabis is an exciting space but also an increasingly crowded space.      

STS can help you break through the clutter and achieve brand awareness.


Finding your Competitive Advantage

Price, quality or convenience; define your competitive advantage and assist you in maximizing your presence in your local cannabis industry and beyond.


Expanding your Operations

Putting your business in position to convert growth opportunities.

Weather that is adding extraction/edibles to your inventory, or adding an additional facility we can help  you achieve your goals


Selecting the Right Partners

Being successful in the regulated cannabis markets takes a well-rounded team      

Due to our strategic alliances with the industries finest suppliers we can find savings, others firms can’t.


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