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STS Cannabis Consulting Firm was created to meet the needs of the rapidly developing regulated medical cannabis industry. We provide seed-to-sale consulting and product solutions for the medical cannabis markets.

Our cannabis industry specific advisory and consulting services are built to meet the needs of companies entering or currently operating in the regulated cannabis markets. We are widely experienced in the regulated markets; our services span over all phases of the seed to sale chain of medical cannabis business services. From licensing and cultivation design, to processing and dispensing, we have years of experience and can provide the services you need.

Having experience as former operators, patient care takers, researchers and cultivators of a regulated cannabis business. The foundation was set for The STS Cannabis Consulting Firm to enter the arena of consulting and to apply their years of experience to assist others in the development and design of an industry tailored products to suite.  

STS has established its proven ability to provide services for every stage of a medical cannabis business, encompassing: Merit-based cannabis license applications and phase 2 approvals, along with business/operational plans, and standard operating procedures;

  • Licensing and Planning
  • Facility design, equipment selection, and construction project management;
  • Facility roll-out, employee training, and on site or remote management;
  • Continuous compliance monitoring and/or auditing.
  • Industry Equipment- Cultivating, Sorting and Fulfillment
  • Operational Management
  • Staffing


The co-founders’ cannabis careers intersected in January of 2013 in Phoenix, Arizona.  Where their cultivating passions and knowledge of cannabis as a medicine converged. They are former operators and employees of a very successful vertically integrated medical cannabis business. Their dedication to assist patients as caretakers at AZ’s most successful dispensary where they would assist hundreds of patients, sparked a dream. The dream of being able to create top quality medical grade cannabis flower, followed along with education on how this miracle plant interacted with the human endo-cannabinoid system, thereby improving the lives of patients and increasing the overall wellness in the community. Our goal is to influence the industry with the knowledge and educational application that medicinal cannabis is the way to overall health.


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